Water Bottle Fundraiser

Primal Echo 20 ounce stainless steel water bottle

In support of the fundraising for our start-up, we've thought of a pragmatic way to simultaneously support low-income, homeless, and near-homeless individuals. We’re offering our snappy 20-oz, stainless steel water bottles for just $17.95. For details on the ecological and social benefits of our Primal Echo water bottle, click on the Details tab above. Each bottle comes with a twist cap, a sports cap, and a metal clip.
Proceeds will be used to help us pay for our the purchase and installation of a solar hot water heater on our mobile crepe cart AND we'll donate the water bottle to a low-income, homeless, or near homeless member in Fort Collins, CO in your name through our partnership with the Hand Up Cooperative, a non-profit agency that acts as our staffing agency. In addition, we’ll donate 10% our net sales after taxes from the water bottles (as we do for all of our products) to three important local and global social projects we believe in: Friends of Happy Heart Farm's Feeding the Familities Program; CSU's Center for Fair & Alternative Trade; and an emerging non-profit project we're saving our pennies to launch, Lily Moon Sustainability Project in Costa Rica.
For more about our relationship to social causes, visit our Social Causes page.