Organic Coffee

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About Our Coffee

Our line of coffee is called Sole (pronounced “So-leh”), in honor of our organic family farm suppliers’ mama in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Her face graces the medium roast label, and the farm’s papa (Don Gerardo) is on the dark roast label.


Organic java lovers will delight in the taste, aroma, and characteristics of our brew. Sole has received glowing reviews by the finickiest of java connoisseurs, and they all agree: they’re delicious! Here’s a brief description of what you can expect:

Medium Roast: Intriguing aroma with a hint of sharpness, a note of tangy citrus, and a lively balanced acidity. The body develops a subtle smokiness. The flavor rolls off your palate, quite mild. The finish is sweet, and it lingers briefly before clearing a clean palate.

Dark Roast: The aroma is full on the nose, smoky. A very full body, vivacious acidity. The flavor is smooth and smoky with a background of citrus and sweetness. This roast packs a punch, exploding over your palate. Excellent and slow clean finish.

In short, the quality of our brew will put a smile on your taste buds and a glow in your belly.


Currently we offer two delicious organic coffee selections in a number of quantity and frequency options:

  • Whole Bean Medium Roast, 16 oz
  • Whole Bean Dark Roast, 16 oz
  • Ground Medium Roast Sampler Pack (4 x 1.8 oz to send to up to four friends)
  • Ground Dark Roast Sampler Pack (4 x 1.8 oz to send to up to four friends)
  • Coffee Subscriptions (16 oz bags available in three, six, nine, and twelve-month increments)

Primal Echo is importing this delicious java directly from our growers. It’s certified organic by USDA, European Union, and Eco-LOGICA. Back in our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, we’re proud members of Climate Wise, a partnership program between the City and local businesses who are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving money through resource conservation as well as energy, water, transportation efficiencies.