Primal Echo Products

Our inspired monkeys are pleased to bring you outstanding java from Costa Rica. If you're a wholesale buyer looking for green or roasted coffee, contact us. If you're an individual looking for high-quality coffee that will leave your tastebuds happy, read on.

• Our Selections for Organic Java Lovers  

Our high-quality, delicious Costa Rican java is grown, harvested, and roasted by a lovely and hard-working family who shares our principles of sustainability and social equity. Rich in plant and fauna biodiversity, this farm boasts organic certification by USDA, European Union, and Eco-Logica. Primal Echo sources this coffee directly from our family farmer friends in the Atenas province of Costa Rica. We donate 10% of net sales to a local and global social causes.

  • 1 lb. Individual Bags. Wahoo! Take me to the 1-pound bags, please. I want to order 1 or more!
  • Sweet Subscriptions. Yesss! That's my speed. Show me your 3, 6, 9, or 12-month subscriptions. I understand you also have a Java Junkies option for households like mine where we go through about a pound a week of coffee.
  • Single Sampler! Perfect, I want to sample this brew. Please send me a 1.8oz baggie. I understand one of these small but mighty bags will make enought for one brew-pot of your scrumptious java. (COMING SOON!)
  • Friends Sampler! (Buy 4 get one FREE). Nice! There's nothing like sharing. I’d like to send 1.8 oz baggies to up to four of my friends, family, or colleagues so they can experience what smooth Costa Rican cafe is supposed to taste like! I understand you'll also send me a free 1.8 oz baggie as a thanks. (COMING SOON!)

Water Bottle Fundraiser

When you purchase an eco-friendly and socially just water bottle from Primal Echo, you not only help our fundraising efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but you also help the community! With the purchase of every bottle, you'll not only help us with our goal to fund the installation of a solar hot water heater, PV panels to run our water pump on our organic crepe cart, and the construction of a bicycle-powered coffee grinder, but we'll donate the water bottle you purchased to a low-income, homeless, or near-homeless person in Fort Collins through our parntership with the Hand Up Cooperative!

• Artisan Coffee Culture Post Cards

Our postcards are available in a boxed set of 10 individually and beautifully designed cards by Priscilla, a gifted artist in a Costa Rica. Each post card displays an original and fun rendering of coffee culture. The text on the back offers factoids, recipes, and coffee culture snippets. Ideal as gifts and thank you notes to lovers, friends, clients, and co-workers.

Chocolate Truffles Collection (COMING TO TASTEBUDS IN FALL 2013!)

We have developed a scrumptious collection of 10 chocolate truffles collectionn made with organic Costa Rican chocolate that we will debut in Fall 2012. Whether you order for yourself or as a gift for a family member, friend, colleague, or customer, these gourmet treats will organic ingredients will delight dark and milk chocolate lovers alike. Take a peek at the selection we'll be debuting.