Social Causes

Social Causes

Primal Echo Organic Crepes is committed to assisting three important developing local and global social projects by donating 10% of net sales to these causes; Friends of Happy Heart Farm's Feeding the Families; CSU's Center for Fair and Alternative Trade (CFAT); and an emerging non-profit we're working on launching, Lily Moon Sustainability Project in Atenas, Costa Rica.

In Fort Collins, CO, Feeding the Families program focuses on providing fresh, biodynamic food to low-income families in Fort Collins. CSU's CFAT is an internationally recognized research facility dedicated to market-based social change and environmental protection that connects academic, policymaking, citizen, activist, & philanthropic communities. And Lily Moon Sustainability Project will assist our organic and fairly compensated coffee growers, a group of low-income rural women & entrepreneurial artisans, and at-risk kids in Atenas, Costa Rica, and Fort Collins, CO.

In Costa Rica, our donations will be used for starters by Lily Moon to purchase coffee bean solar drying tarps and weed whackers for our coffee producers, who spend many hard-labor hours clearing their fields with machetes to maintain organic certification standards. The donations will also will be used by Lily Moon to buy uniforms, shoes, and school supplies to disadvantaged kids in a school in their coffee farming community. We're also looking for corporate sponsors to purchase laptops for the students and teachers as well as drums for the kids' music class. They currently don't have either laptops or musical instruments! And in Fort Collins, we hope to partner with an established non-profit that offers service learning educational opportunities to low-income kids as part of an exchange program with the Atenas kiddos.

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a benafactor, corporate sponsor, or matching funds king of the jungle, don't be shy. We'd love to hear from you, so please contact us!

Primal Echo is fueled by an insatiable commitment to create a better world. At the heart of that ongoing imperative is our pledge to contribute 10% of net sales after taxes to the establishment and operation of Lily Moon Sustainability Project emerging non–profit fund (2%). Another 4% will be donated to CSU's Center for Fair & Alternative Trade (CFAT). And the remaining 4% will be donated to the Friends of Happy Heart Farm Feeding the Families program.
Lily Moon is a rural development venture we seek to build in Costa Rica that will be a model of sustainability, equity, and self–sufficiency. In addition to our donations, we seek start-up seed money. Lily Moon's mission is to benefit organic farmers, low-income artisan & entrepreneurial women, and at–risk kiddos in Costa Rica, while also including a scholarship exchange program in Fort Collins, CO.

We've identified a property in the agricultural community of Atenas, Costa Rica, that would allow us to become next-door neighbors to our coffee farmers on one side and neighbors to the the rural school we're adopting on the other!

Our vision is to create a local and international partnership where we foster a mutually beneficial exchange in organic agriculture education, sustainable resource management, biodiversity, appropriate technology, social entrepreneurship, and an inspiration & giggles summer camp for at-risk kiddos.

Lily Moon will:

  • Act as an organic agricultural learning center for coffee, cocoa, and organic orchard farmers
  • Feature an appropriate technology lab to test alternative fuel farm equipment, solar roaster, and power-generating merry-go-round
  • Train artisan and entrepreneurial-minded women to create original, high-quality sustainable lifestyle products and to operate sustainable social enterprises in partnership with an innovative micro-loan partner
  • Operate an inspiration & summer camp for at-risk kids and youth that will offer classes and hands-on opportunities to learn about culture, organic agriculture, recycling, and source reduction; money management; community service; conflict resolution; social equity; art, music, bi-lingual creative writing, and English lessons; ecology, astronomy, and physics
  • Establish a scholarship fund to facilitate the exchange with organic farmers, low-income artisan women, and at-risk kids in Fort Collins, CO
  • Offer overnight accommodations, organic meals, and agro, eco, rural community development, and adventure tours opportunities to individuals, families, school, and university groups
  • Partner with a developing community-based think tank on social equity in Fort Collins, CO, the Conscious Consumer Trust (CCT), to ensure the adoption of social sustainability Best Practices that are as forward-thinking as our eco sustainability initiatives.

Currently we seek funding to set up the legal non-profit structure, acquire and develop the land, and seed capital to establish and run the project during its three-year start-up phase. We are currently accepting donations of musical instruments, laptops, sports and wellness equipment, and school uniforms for the kiddos at the school we've adopted. Corporate sponsors, grant-giving organizations, philanthropists, benefactors, and educational organizations are welcome to contact Ana for more information.


Primal Echo is delighted to be partnering with Happy Heart Farm, a community supporting biodynamic farm in Fort Collins, CO. Happy Hear was founded by Dennis & Bailey Stenson and has been a pillar of biodynamic education, apprenticeships, and friendships. In this 2012 harvest season, Happy Heart members can now sign up for our line of Sole Organic coffee that we source directly from a certfied organic coffee family farm in Atenas, Costa Rica. HHF members can choose from 3, 6, 9, 12, or "java junkie" shares. Check out this flyer that provides all the details on how to sign up for java shares. As part of our commitment to CSAs and honoring of the lovely folks at Happy Heart Farm who tend their rich, fertile soil and brave Colorado elements to bring healthy food to our community, we are donating 15% of every Happy Heart Farm share to their Feeding the Families program. This terrific program enables low-incom families in Fort Collins to benefit from the yummy and nutritious veggie fare from Happy Heart Farm. Last year Happy Heart raised $12,000 toward Feedking the Families, and this year, they've ante! They seek $25,000 in order to provide fresh, biodynamic bouty to 40 low-income famili in our fair city.