Organic Crepes

What is Primal Echo Organic Crepes?

Primal Echo is a Colorado for-profit social enterprise of local and global gourmet treats, direct-trade organic coffee, and artisan products that are eco and socially-inspired. We've recently launched

Primal Echo Organic Crepes,our first mobile cart partnership that offers customers delicious organic crepes as well as training and employment opportunities to homeless or near homeless and low-income individuals in FortCollins, CO.The Hand-Up Cooperative, a local non-profit that places homeless workers in jobs, acts as our primary employee recruitment partner. 10% of  net profits after taxes are being donated to Friends of Happy Heart’s Feeding the Families program (2%), which provides low-income families with fresh, local, and biodynamic food;the Center for Fair & Alternative Trade (CFAT) at Colorado State University (4%), an internationally recognized research facility dedicated to market-based social change and environmental protection that connects academic, policymaking, citizen, activist, & philanthropic communities; and Lily Moon Sustainability Project (4%), an emerging sustainable development non-profit to benefit organic farmers, low-income artisan and entrepreneurial women, & at-risk kids in Atenas, Costa Rica, and Fort Collins, CO.

We're working on our next round of funding to reduce our cabon emissions through solar hot water heating, PV panels that run our water pump, a bicycle-powered coffee grinder, hand-crafted java brewers made of reclaimed wood that use cloth filters, and setting up a zero-waste kitchen operation at our commissary.

What We Offer Our Customers

Primal Echo Organic Crepes offers excellent, wholesome food that is gourmet in quality and texture and is good for people and planet. We specialize in servicing artisan crepes and complementary food items developed by a creative chef whose culinary talents have a flair for delighting tastebuds.
We're committed to providing fresh, wholesome ingredients with as many of them certified organic, sustainable, or natural (without hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or dyes).

We support sustainably minded local and global suppliers and ensure that our farmers, producers, and employees are compensated fairly. The sausage, pork, ham, turkey, and chicken aree free of chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, and growth hormones and will be as humanely raised as we can procure.
We offer a variety of savory and sweet crepes for conscious meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, and do our best to offer delightful specials that are seasonally available. We're happy to also serve delicious vegan options and options for gluten-intolerant folks. To find out exactly where we'll be, visit our Facebook page to get the skinny.