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Trade Inspirations is a blog born to inspire fair-trade consumers, gourmets, activists, and social entrepreneurs with stories from trading trips at home and around the world. We'll bring thoughtful musings, worthy resources, and heaping doses of inspirations on supply chain transparency, honorable trade, social equity, ecological regeneration, organic agriculture, and just plain tasty bits.


Primal Echo Organic Crepes Launches!

Greetings, folks. We're thrilled to share that Primal Echo Organic Crepes, our first mobile cart social enterprise of yummy, high-quality treats, direct-trade organic java, and artisan products has finally launched this hot Colorado summer of 2012. It's been a wild ride getting to this start-up place, and we're grateful to the many individuals in our Fort Collins community who encouraged us and believed in us. 

Brooklyn Loves Sole's Organic Java by Primal Echo!


Okay gang. It's official. Brooklyn loves Sole's Organic java! Say hello to Nathan, a talented and creative sound engineer in the Big Apple, who's sipping our Dark Roast java in his favorite mug! Check out his statement, signature, smiley! Thanks, Nathan. So tickled your Brooklyn tastebuds approve!


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