About Primal Echo & Its Monkeys

Primal Echo's troop of human monkeys works playfully behind the scenes with a deep commitment to educate, inspire, and invite our customers to join us in making lifestyle choices for social, economic and environmental balance.We seek to share our success with our farmers, artisans and the communities in which we work and play while simultaneously minimizing our environmental impact on the planet.

We’ve chosen to be a direct–trade company so we have the opportunity to develop personal relationships with our organic growers and our eco–spirited artisans. Such relationships allow us to see our fair–trade certifications in action and learn about the needs and opportunities that our partners face.

Direct–trade also fuels our commitment to putting our money where our mouth is. We have pledged to donate 10% of net sales after taxes to an emerging three non-profits: Friends of Happy Heart Farm Feeding the Families program; CSU's Center for Fair & Alternative Trade; and a non-profit in the making we call Lily Moon Sustainability Project.

Lily Moon is a sustainable development project we plan to build in Atenas, Costa Rica. It will open its doors to local and global supply partners through scholarships and work exchanges, as part of an international collegiate program so they can learn from each other. It will benefit organic farmers, low-income artisan women, and kiddos in Atenas, Costa Rica, and Fort Collins, CO.

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